Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Objectives of this blog showcase

This blog showcase aims to showcase the good works that have been done by students who were from the pioneer batch that took Design Studies (DS) as their applied subject option, in the School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST). These students will graduate from SST in the 2014 cohort, and have gone through the rigours of the Design Studies curriculum successfully.

For an overview of the DS curriculum, you can download the curriculum document from this LINK (pdf copy).

This blog showcases the different works by the students for the various modules of design covered in DS. These are: 

  • Visual Communication, 
  • Interior and Exhibition Space Design
  • Architectural Design
An introductory topic to Design Principles and Design Thinking were also covered during the initial stages of lessons in DS.

The following pages highlights some of the commendable works done by the students. Please do enjoy their efforts, and do give your feedback too, if any.


Mr Irfan Darian
Subject Head (Art, Design, Media and Technology)
Coordinator (Design Studies)